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  • Remote Vehicle Tracking: Enables the vehicle owners to track and locate vehicle and check directional speed of their vehicle via SMS. It also enables auto tracking and also set auto tracking interval in seconds.
  • Automatic Immobilisation and Demobilisation: This function automatically allows owners to remotely activate or de-activate their vehicles via SMS. This is a security function that prevents vehicle theft.
  • Vehicle Status Request: This feature allows the vehicle owner to know the status of the vehicle such as : Power Status, GPS status, Door Status and GSM Signal Strength.
  • Position Inquiry: This function allows the owner to know the exact position of his vehicle through reporting coordinates from the tracker installed in the vehicle.
  • Over speed Limitation: With this function, Vehicle owners can set speed limit of their vehicles to avoid vehicle over speeding
  • Alarm Enabling and Disabling: This function enables the vehicle to report back to the owner every activity that the vehicle is going through. Once disabled the vehicle only report on request.
  • Anti-theft: This function enables anti-theft arming or disarming of the vehicle within a stipulated time as requested by vehicle owners.
  • SOS Alarm: This function enable the driver or authorised occupant of the vehicle to send panic message to predetermined numbers when in trouble by pressing the panic button.
  • Towing Alarm: When this function is activated the vehicle sends an alert to its owner whenever the vehicle is being towed away.
  • Parking Time Alert: This is a packing timing alert that reminds the vehicle owner when the stipulated parking time is over.
RSpeedtrack® - Web Tracking: It combines all solution on RSpeedtrack® SMS Tracking with the following:
  • Web Based Live Tracking: This function allows for online real-time tracking of vehicles via the internet network. With this function, a vehicle owner can watch a live movement of vehicle and it also allows for real-time fleet management of vehicles.
  • Trip Log Report: With WTS solution, a vehicle owner can have access to the Log report of the vehicle (past movement report of the vehicle)
  • Roaming Capability: When enabled, the vehicle can be tracked when in territory where there are roaming agreements
  • Empty/Loaded Report: With this feature, vehicle owners can monitor when their vehicle is loaded or empty – A very useful key feature for Haulage companies and companies that engages in movement of goods from one branch to another.
  • Geo fencing Violation report: This is an alert system triggered when a coded vehicle goes beyond a geographically allowed movement area
  • Stoppage report: This function generates a report of all locations that the vehicle has stopped prior to tracking
  • GPS Indications: This function saves the last position of the vehicle, whenever the vehicle goes out of GPS coverage